BrightArrow's Comprehensive Integration with PowerSchool 

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BrightArrow is the ONLY major mass notification supplier whose original technology innovators remain with the company. Why is that important? It’s important because BrightArrow can and does make changes, add features and support their product at a pace much faster than any of their competitors.

BrightArrow has been a leading notification system for PowerSchool districts for over ten years. Today, BrightArrow continues to expand its role as the most deeply embedded solution for PowerSchool as it supports districts that have been transitioning to PowerSchool Contacts. 

One of the key benefits of this integration is how their system provides the most flexible and intuitive approach for Parents to be able to self-select how they receive messages from within PowerSchool. In addition, BrightArrow’s support for emailing PowerSchool reports and integrating with the Gradebook are unmatched and ever expanding. The fact that their functionality is built into PowerSchool, allows messages to be sent out with the click of a button all from one page.  

Let’s take a look at how BrightArrow operates from within PowerSchool:


Admin Page

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BrightArrow's Comprehensive Integration with PowerSchool 

Directly within PowerSchool, you can select what contacts you would like to choose for your outgoing message. BrightArrow pulls live data from PowerSchool and loads it into the BrightArrow Create Message Page.

Creating Messages

Easily create messages right from within PowerSchool in four easy steps.

 User Access

Users can utilize BrightArrow’s expansive feature set either from within PowerSchool, from their website or as you can see, the sleek and streamlined My Lists that you have can be viewed right from within PowerSchool and you can choose one for your message creation.


When Teachers log into PowerTeacher, they can easily send messages to parents and students for any or all of the classes they teach.

Powerful Search Features Integrated with the Gradebook

Select students either by Sections, use the Gradebook to search for students with a specific Final Grade Average or if they are missing assignments.

Once you selected the contacts for your intended message, you then can create the message using BrightArrow’s Create Message Page from within PowerSchool. Let’s take a look at the simple interface for creating messages, parent portal access and how to manage Lists within the system.

Create Message and Send

All from within one page, you can create the message you would like to send, whether it be a text, email or voice call. You can limit teachers to only specific message types.


Parents Access their notification settings and prior messages from within the PowerSchool Parent Portal

 Example: Brandon Adair – The Student

First Section: Self-Selection of what type of messages they want to receive on which phone.
Second Section (Green): This is the place where you add temporary numbers.

The options are endless with how you set up a notification and you can combine voice calls, texts or emails all from the same created message.

Another BrightArrow feature that is beneficial is Email Report Card. This allows admins to select a number of different reports to run and emailing a report card is one of those choices. The options with this feature are vast, including being able to email ALL PowerSchool reports and any Object reports. If you have state testing or custom reports, BrightArrow can evaluate those to determine if they are supported.

BrightArrow provides you with the tools necessary to create notifications and messages all from within PowerSchool. It really is as easy as selecting your criteria, choosing your contacts, creating your message and clicking the send button.

BrightArrow continues to expand its mastery and deep integration with PowerSchool, which allows districts to be efficient and productive with all mass notification efforts. Every day they are adding new integrations and functionality tied to your student information system and auxiliary databases. BrightArrow’s technology is focused on providing automated communication that is streamlined, efficient, reliable and economical. For more information about BrightArrow’s products and features, or to learn more about our integration with PowerSchool, contact or visit their website at