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Scheduling of Parent Teacher Conferences all in one single system

Scheduling is easy-breezy!

Teachers are often frustrated by trying to schedule multiple meetings for back to school nights, while parents can’t see available blocks of meeting time available for conferences. Communications between parents and teachers can be difficult with differences in work schedules and rescheduling is always a challenge. Avoid the constant back and forth communication and let Logical Parent Teacher Scheduler do the work.


Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler for PowerSchool

Juggling the back to School Night Schedule is a thing of the past with Logical Parent Teacher Scheduler!

The PowerSchool© Experts!

Have Full Control

School Administrators allot blocks of time based upon parameters they define and can control availability and block out sections. Parents login using their existing credentials and can see available slots to schedule their meeting. Administrators can determine a time when they “lock’ the scheduling process and teachers print their final schedule.

Fully integrated within the Powerschool ® student information system, the Logical Parent Teacher Scheduler allows parents to schedule meetings with teachers based upon time slots created by the local administrator. Back to School Night scheduling becomes an automated process allowing parents or guardians to schedule time with their child’s teacher through an easy-to-use browser-based interface that’s fully secure and integrated into PowerSchool®!

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